Best Fds for General Public

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Now finding best fds (highest paying fixed deposits) is simple. The page below is like a fd calculator for people looking for best bank fixed deposits (fds) in India. Enter the amount you want to save Select the duration you will see the highest paying FD listed on the top of the table.

Amount(Rs.) Inflation % Duration TaxRate %

BankDurationRate(%)SavingsMaturityPost TaxPost Tax&Inflation
Development Credit Bank Ltd. 24 months to 36 months9.40100000132146132146116383
The Lakshmi Vilas Bank 2 Years to Up to 10 years9.25100000131566131566115803
The Karur Vysya Bank Limited Above 2 years and Upto 3 years9.25100000131566131566115803
Corporation Bank 3years to 3 years and 3 months9.11100000131027131027115264
Punjab and Sind Bank 3 years to 5 Years 9.00100000130604130604114842
Bank of Maharashtra 3 YEARS (Mahalaximi)9.00100000130604130604114842
Union Bank of India greater than 1 year to 5 year9.00100000130604130604114842





You can easily find out the best fd for amount, duration (All Banks, PSU Banks, Private Banks, Post Office and foreign Banks ) by changing values in the form above and hitting enter. Total number of FDs offered by different Banks for 3 years are 42. Your Saving of Rs.1 lakh in the highest interest rate at 9.40 % P.A. has a Maturity value of Rs 132146. The same at Lowest interest rate of 6.90 % P.A has maturity Value of Rs. 122781. As you can see a small difference in interest rate of 2.5 % Per Annum over 3 years can lead upto a difference of Rupees 9365 in maturity values. To Make it easy for you to choose the best fixed deposit we are showing the highest interest paying fixed deposits at the top. Earn more on your savings without increasing the risk.

Income Tax for General public and Women

Financial year 2012-2013 Assessment year 2013-2014
Taxable Income Tax Payable
Upto Rs.2,00,000 NIL
From Rs.2,00,001 to Rs.5,00,000 10%
From Rs.5,00,001 to Rs.10,00,000 20%
Above Rs.10,00,000 30%

SB a/c rates

Starting October 25th 2011 , RBI has allowed all banks to offer and set their own rates for Savings Bank accounts. RBI allows two types of savings bank accounts for saving below Rs. 1 Lakh and savings above Rs. 1 Lakh. Now it is easy to earn more on your savings! The time of lazy savings is over and one has to take advantage of the market dynamics .....